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Wellness Path

The Wellness Path develops in a large indoor area built with selected materials and windows with breathtaking lake view.


Indoor relax pool with magnificent glass windows with views of Lake Garda.

Poiano La Spa offers total relaxation through the salt which water helps to improve blood circulation, reduces skin dryness and revitalizes body tissues. Ideal after a day outdoors or work for an extraordinary feeling of comfort, lulled by a relaxing water massage and invigorating water jets.

Turkish Bath

Environment saturated with steam for an invigorating and relaxing action at the same time.

The visit in the Turkish Bath (Hammam) helps make the skin elastic and radiant and allows the elimination of toxins.

Sauna and Bio-Sauna

Set respectively at a temperature of 90 ° and 65 °, they are ideal for aiding the elimination of toxins, making the skin clean and elastic.

Showers with aromatherapy and color therapy

The shower are "magical water jet" that awaken the 5 senses, with the help of colours, scents, and sounds that pamper and envelop the body, while instilling a strong vitality. The properties of hot and cold water combined with those of parfumes and oil fragrances let you restore your harmony, vitality and psychophysical balance.

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