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Our values, relationship with our guests, our approach to the service do not change.
All our services (swimming pool, spa, sports, restaurants, bar, etc.) will be available even if within the limits and with the rules set by the safety protocols.


We change because we are investing a lot in our and your safety!

Modern machines, sophisticated technologies, specific products, and trained people highly dedicated to hygiene and continuous sanitation.

Health is the primary good that we must preserve and your holiday must be subject to maximum relaxation and safety.

In order to ensure a pleasant stay to all our guest we kindly ask to respect the rules of etiquette and social coexistence.

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Cleaning of rooms and apartments - maximum safety

Before your arrival
Rooms and apartments are subject to the following procedures:
• Normal cleaning of rooms/apartments  with maximum care and with highly efficient sanitizing products.
• Sanitization of all surfaces and charging points.
Ozone or uv oxidative photocatalysis treatment - with an ozone or uv oxidative photocatalysis machine, all the environments are saturated with ozone gas or oxidated ossigen so that any virus and bacteria are eliminated also from the air, objects, fabrics, furniture, which are inside the room, this treatments also purifies the air, and eliminates odors and insects.
• Once sanitized the room is locked and no one will enter until your arrival.

During your stay
• The rooms will be regularly re-set up by our staff members, equipped with appropriate masks and gloves behaviors aligned with the safety measures stated by the Government, that is to maintain the necessary physical distances and wear the masks and gloves to avoid any possible contamination, will operate carefully with high effective and sanitizing products.
• You can request, if you want, that no daily cleaning during your stay will be done and that no staff member will access your room.
• If you want you can ask for a further sanitization with ozone during your stay.

Restaurants, bar, breakfast room and common areas

Come in and breathe safely!

• In this Resort are in operation professional technologies that through the principle of Oxidative Photocatalysis continuously sanitize and purify all environments.
• The devices produce every hour more than 8 million Ions (hydroxyl radicals) and are able to eliminate the bactericidal and virucidal and fungicidal charge in the air and on the surfaces with a reduction of more than 97% of the levels of pm and VOCs (volatile organic microorganisms). The chemical-physical process of photocatalysis releases carbon dioxide and water vapour into the normal environment.
• The Poiano Resort in line with current regulations, implements an automatic and continuous sanitization in the presence of people.

Organization and attendance

• All our guests must adapt to behaviors aligned with the safety measures stated by the Government, that is to maintain the necessary physical distances and wear the face masks.
• The service areas will be defined in a way such as to be able to guarantee the necessary distances between guests during the use of the services.
• We request our guests to be patient and respect the shifts and times of any booking made. our availability of large spaces, indoor and outdoor, allows us to offer an easier service.

• A team of appropriately trained employees is trained for continuously sanitization of environments and common areas.
• The cutlery, dishes, glasses are all sanitized with high temperatures and special products.
• During the night the common areas are treated with ozone sanitization to ensure better security.
• Disinfectant gel is always available in all common areas.

Thermal detection cameras

• The main entrances to the common areas are monitored by video cameras that will continuously measure temperature of all our guests and staff in service without being invasive.

Physical distance and guest behavior

• The large available spaces in our Resort allow us the necessary physical distance.

• All guests are required to strictly respect the distance of at least one meter from other people and to wear a mask when required by legislation.
• Sanitizing gel is available in the various areas of the Resort.
• Masks are available at the Resort shop.

Swimming pool, sports areas, parks and outdoor environments

• The attendance of the sports areas is regulated and restricted to ensure the necessary physical distance between the guests.
• The deck chairs, appropriately spaced, are continuously sanitized by our trained employees before any new use, several times during the day and sanitized with appropriate sprays during the night.

Online Check-in / Check-out

Water treatment with hydrogen peroxide

• Drinking water is treated throughout the resort with hydrogen peroxide, specific treatment highly sanitized even against legionairre's disease.

Best practices

• The staff is constantly checked and appropriately trained to apply the most rigid safety protocols sanitization and hygienization during every packaging process of every single product or service
• The staff is equipped with an individual protection device in order to avoid possible contagion circumstances
• The Poiano Resort has adopted, in addition to the measures described above, the safety protocols recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization - ref:] and from the reference associations.

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