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Thanks to all the volunteers: book your free stay


They have many faces but a single commitment, to take care of us in the battle against this virus.

They are the SUPERHEROES who have gathered all their forces and are fighting on the front line in this emergency.


As sign of gratitude, Poiano Resort has decided to allocate for the whole SEASON 2020 (from 12th June to 30th October ) a room and an apartment for stays of 3 nights completely free of charge to these superheroes, for a total of 300 free room nights.

We recognize the merit of all those who supported us (doctors, nurses, health workers, carriers, ecological operators, and any other employee involved in the essential production chain), and we would like to be able to reward each of them. As it's not unfortunately possible, we particularly want to dedicate our attention to a category, less visible, but which provides an important contribution in the fight against Coronavirus:


If you have volunteered in associations engaged in the assistance and fight against the virus in the months of March and April, you can take advantage of a free stay of maximum 3 nights * at our facility, from June 12 to October 30.

To proceed with the reservation of your free stay, choose the structure (Hotel or Apartments) and click here on the following links **:



NB: To proceed with the reservation it’s necessary to enter the code “GRAZIE”  in the appropriate field.

* The free stay includes accommodation for 2 people in Hotel’s room with breakfast or in a two-roomed Apartment equipped with a kitchen, for 2 + 1 people.


* Once the reservation has been made, it is necessary to send a declaration from the voluntary association to the email certifying your service in the months of March and April. If the requested documentation is not received within 3 days of booking, it will be automatically cancelled. The free stays could be limited to a maximum of 4 per municipality.


Here are "our superheroes" who have already booked their free stay:

03-05 luglio, Claudia, Protezione Civile Seriate
06-09 luglio, Antonella, Cinofili Volontari di Protezione Civile di AVS OSLJ
14-17 luglio, Eleonora, Protezione Civile Orobie Soccorso
16-19 luglio, Egidio, Croce Rossa Italiana Padova
20-23 luglio, Michele, Croce Rossa Italiana Padova
20-23 luglio, Patrick, Protezione Civile Regione Piemonte
24-26 luglio, Matteo, Protezione Civile Intercomunale Dalmine Zingonia
28-31 luglio, Lucia, Croce Rossa Italiana Val di Fassa
08-11 ottobre, Silvano, GIV Unione Valconca
08-11 ottobre, Raffaella e Thomas, GIV Unione Valconca
26-29 ottobre, Elena e Claudio, GIV Unione Valconca


18-21 giugno, Vittorino, Protezione Civile Torre Pallavicina
19-22 giugno, Claudio, Croce Rossa Italiana Varedo
26-29 giugno, Vincenzo, Comune di Solaro
03-06 luglio, Diego, Protezione Civile Torre Pallavicina
06-09 luglio, Alessandra, Protezione Civile Covo
13-16 luglio, Filippo, Protezione Civile Torre Pallavicina
15-18 luglio, Massimo, Protezione Civile Peschiera Borromeo
30 luglio-02 agosto, Luca, Protezione Civile Intercomunale Dalmine Zingonia
07-10 agosto, Rossana, Cinofili Volontari di Protezione Civile di AVS OSLJ
14-17 agosto, Marzio, Protezione Civile Orobie Soccorso
28 settembre – 01 ottobre, Antonietta, Cinofili Volontari di Protezione Civile di AVS OSLJ

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